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Hear About My Other Clients Experiences


"I worked with Sam for around 2 years and the transformation in body and mind was remarkable.  
Through his efforts, I managed to lose around 35kg, increase muscle strength and definition and also identify what foods I should be eating and when during the day. This was achieved through a combination of encouragement and tough talking.
Due to his efforts, I am stronger, fitter, healthier and most importantly I now enjoy working out. I recommend him without reservation."



"I've been training with Sam for over a year now and this is evident in the results I have achieved both in weight loss, toning and strength building. Sam has adapted my training regime as my goals have evolved which has ensured I am constantly challenged and progressing. 
Sam has a wealth of knowledge about exercise, health and nutrition and I would recommend him without hesitation!"



"I started training with Sam after recently giving birth to my Son a few months before getting married. I had put on a lot of pregnancy weight which was proving hard to shift and felt that I needed additional help.
Sam was extremely knowledgeable about pregnancy related weight gain and fitness and tailored our sessions accordingly. We also managed to work in specific exercises to help with my shoulder hyper mobility.
I really enjoyed our sessions and really benefitted from his constant encouragement (and mild bullying) as he pushed me much farther than I would have done on my own. He manages to strike the right balance of support to achieve the best results without pushing you too far. It was great that we could have our sessions at his home gym as I was very self conscious about how I looked about my post pregnancy body... the main reason I had not joined a gym.
My sessions with Sam helped me to 'reconnect' with my body and get used to the changes that had occured during my pregnancy and I achieved a very satisfying and realistic weight loss by my wedding.
I would definitely recommend Sam to my friends and family - especially other Mothers. He eases you into gym work in a completely friendly and unintimidating way without being at all judgemental about your capabilities. I would definitely go back to our sessions in the future if I needed to."



"I have been training with Sam for the past 9 months and have been delighted with what he has achieved. I have found him highly skilled, very motivational and professional. He has developed interesting and varied workouts for me, which are challenging yet achievable as I become fitter and stronger. I would highly recommend him to others."



“Sam has an uncanny way of recognising ones weaknesses and strengths and giving the right exercises to both. He also analyses you and fits a diet to match your goals.
He continually monitors both exercise and diet and changes it up to keep you enthused. If you come from a sporting background, you will love his coaching drive and encouragement!!”



"As a more mature female member of the gym, confidence was lacking.  Went to Sam's pump class and lifted 2.5kg.  Now lifting up to 15kg.  All down to confidence building, all down to being shown how to lift, position yourself etc correctly, all down to Sam.  Walton is going to miss him. "



“I have known Sam for quite a few years now and he is a fantastic trainer. The genuine enthusiasm he shows in his classes and in front of PT clients is something you don’t see often in a gym. Sam really cares about his clients, always ensuring they have correct form and are lifting adequately. I’ve attended various classes Sam conducted at Pure Gym and they were always varied and he pushed me every single time – even on those days where I wasn’t ‘feeling it’, he would always encourage and boost morale making classes a team effort. 

You always knew it would be a fully booked class if Sam was running it because everyone knew they’d be in for a great workout, even the 6.15am sessions. I don’t think I’ve ever finished one of his classes without being a complete sweaty mess afterwards!

I cannot recommend Sam highly enough to help reach your goals, however big or small they are.”



“I got to know Sam from attending his Pump classes in the gym. Previous to this, I never enjoyed any classes that involved weights! 

After getting married and changing jobs twice in a year I lacked motivation and needed someone to change this. I didn’t want a trainer who would just tell me what to do and not say when I was doing it wrong but someone who would ensure my posture was correct and motivate me. 

With Sam I was reminded that when I said, “I can’t do it”, I could but needed to find the strength to push through. Coaches Note: Which as it turns out she could always find ;-)

If I didn’t complete the exercise there was always a forfeit, which I tried to avoid but failed at times!

Sam is very approachable and professional. He valued that I was paying for his time and results, so even if I was running late he would ensure that I got the best value for money in half an hour.”



“In the beginning I was an irregular member of the gym going maybe once or twice a month and spending 20 minutes on the Treadmill. I didn't have any clear direction when training or any confidence in myself, so I decided to try personal training to get me into a proper routine at the gym. 

I was a complete beginner, however, Sam’s friendly upbeat attitude and carefully planned sessions allowed me to build confidence. I learnt where I had been going wrong and began to start seeing some real results. The main changes I noticed in myself when training with Sam is how much more toned I looked and also how much stronger and healthier I felt. I am now able to confidently do press ups, pull ups, lift weights properly and so much more. I also learnt which muscle groups I was exercising to achieve specific results and he gave very good easy to follow nutritional advice. 

Sam also ensured I followed my weekly programmes with the smartphone app, which allowed me to check my progress and for Sam to amend my workouts as and when required which was so useful. I was also able to keep track and record the weights I was lifting which helped me to push myself. Sam was always available to answer my questions and provide support when needed. 

I would definitely recommend Sam as a Personal Trainer and Coach, he was able to keep me motivated throughout and taught me so much, I honestly can't thank him enough!”



“If you are looking for someone who is completely dedicated to health and fitness, someone who will work you hard but with good humour then Sam is the trainer for you.
Whether it's a short term goal like an event you wish to train for, or long term fitness; Sam will be able to tailor a program for you. I have benefited from his knowledge and he has contributed to my fitness by challenging what I could do and encouraging me to push myself onwards. So if you are wanting to take a new step for a stronger, fitter you then I'd always recommend Sam.”


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